"...in the early morning, as the fog rose, I saw the majestic island rising out of the sea like a large emerald. My ears were filled with the sounds of seals barking and birds calling from their roosts on the cliffs. As we rode the thundering breakers to shore I marvelled at the beauty of this place. So far from any other land, poised between Alaska and Russia in the middle of the mighty Bering Sea."

Employment Opportunities

City Manager

Finance Department:
Finance Director

Public Safety:
Director of Public Safety/
Police Chief

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Aang! Aang!

Welcome to our online home for the City of St. Paul!

St. Paul Island is a beautiful growing community of approximately 480 residents located in the Bering Sea, about 300 miles from mainland Alaska. The City of St. Paul is the main settlement of Saint Paul Island in the Pribilofs, a small island group in the Bering Sea. Run by a Council/Manager Government, the City is paving the way for the future of St. Paul.

St. Paul offers a safe, fun, and relaxing environment to raise a family or spend your golden years. We take pride in our excellent City services. Feel free to explore our website and see what our City has to offer!

P.O. Box 901, St. Paul, AK 99660

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